We’re seeing more and more in New Jersey where students are being attacked and beaten in the halls by other students. The latest one being in North Brunswick, where a 15- year-old was brutally beaten by another student while security guards allegedly stood and watched before breaking it up.

Bullying seems to be on the rise in New Jersey. With today’s laws that protect the students, what really can security guards do to stop a fight when it breaks out without putting themselves at risk both physically and legally? There’s been thought of hiring retired police which I think would be a great idea.

How about we go one step further and hire retired nuns? Anyone who went to Catholic school back in the day knows that few fights broke out in school where the nuns weren’t breaking it up. There were gang leaders in the outside who feared the sister in the inside.

Not only will these nuns hit back, they’ll talk to you while they do it. Many times in Holy Rosary Academy in Union City I was slapped repeatedly by Sister Carmela, who by the way, would wet her hand before she hit you so that it would sting more. I remember her saying “Who told you to talk in class? You keep your mouth shut!!!" That would normally be followed by “ANSWER ME!!!!!”

You may remember this clip that proves my theory from the famous movie The Blues Brothers…



This is just a thought but it can't be that bad of an idea considering what’s in place now doesn’t seem to be working.

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