Last year's Giants-Dallas game was the last day I would ever spend watching the game with my father, who I'd watched so many with all my life.

No matter where we were on so many things, football would always bring us together. On that day, we were together at his place, where he had asked to be taken after the hospital said that they could do no more to help him. He watched our last game together in a coma, while I held his hand and said all that I wanted to say. There was no unburdening. I had said it all before.

It was just two months earlier that my 92-year-old father had driven to my house like he did every Saturday in his own car, after walking the Englishtown Auction and stopping to buy a dozen donuts to bring to my kids. Each time we'd talk what was going on in our lives, my sons would tell him what was going on in theirs, and of course, we'd talk football.

Each time when he would leave and I'd watch his car drive away I'd always wonder if that was going to be the last time. Each time, I made sure that there was never anything left unsaid. Like Bruce Springsteen, my father never told me that he loved me. He didn't need to. I always knew, as did my children.

The last time my children saw him, they showed him their guitars and he jokingly said 'You can play at my funeral.” The next day, he suffered a stroke that would result in a two-month odyssey that would bring us to that day. My sons continue to play in grandpa's memory.

I think maybe he would have stayed around longer if the Giants had won :), but instead that loss would only be the beginning as we lost him the next day. It's a loss I continue to feel every day since then.

This year, as I watched the Giants-Dallas game, there were so many times I reflexively wanted to pick up the phone and call him about a play, like I used to.

When Oakland owner Al Davis died, the underdog Raiders beat the Houston Texans. Some say Al had something to do with it. I'd like to believe Al Trevelise had something to do with the Giants winning Sunday!

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