This is a story about a co-worker. A...strange story.

I've worked with Steve Trevelise for several years now. Great guy. He'll do anything for you. So the other night I thought I was doing something for him.

Take a look at these pictures. With the refrigerator door open at work, a few of us noticed something. Do you see it?

Jeff Deminski photo

Don't see it? Here, look a little closer.

Jeff Deminski photo

Yes, the keys. Someone accidentally left their keys in the refrigerator. Right next to this wrapped up sandwich in the aluminum foil. Kylie Moore said they had to be Steve's. That he must have put the sandwich in there and accidentally dropped the keys as he did it. So wanting to help the guy out, I grabbed the keys and walked them back to the air studio.

The following is our conversation:

Me: Steve, you missing something?

Steve: No. What?

Me: These? (holding up the keys)

Steve: Ay, why did you take those out?

Me: You left them in the fridge.

Steve: Yeah, I know, why'd you take 'em out?

Me, after staring at Steve for a moment: Why'd you leave them in?

Steve: Cuz my sandwich wrap is in there.

Me: Huh?

Steve: Hey, that's a good wrap!

Me: What the hell are you talking about?

Steve: See, I don't want to forget my wrap. I wanna bring my wrap home tonight. So if I leave my keys in there then I'll see the wrap.

Me: But...but how are you going to remember you left your keys in there?

Steve: Cuz when I get out to my car and don't have my keys, I'll remember I left 'em in the fridge, then when I look in the fridge, I'll see da wrap.

Me: Have a good night Steve.

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