The college reaction to the presidential election really surprises me. It's one thing for students to voice their opinion of the election, but it's another for teachers and professors to voice theirs on the students during class time. You're not paid for your opinion, you're paid to teach a class which those students are paying for and when you cancel that class like what has happened in several colleges, the money for that class should be refunded to those students and the teacher should be fired.

Teachers have influence over their students. They control their grades which influence their lives. Just because the teacher may not agree with the election results doesn't mean all of the students do and even if they did, what kind of a lesson is it that if you don't like something, just take your books and go home? That's not the way it's done in the working world that colleges are supposed to be preparing them for. In that world, if the student felt that badly, they would have taken a personal day to mourn, which is what those professors should have done.

I'm not saying that teachers or professors shouldn't share their opinion with their students outside of class, or even debate them during class, but to cancel class because you don't like the results of a presidential election, makes me wonder what qualifies you to be a teacher in the first place.

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