We never forget in New Jersey. When you cross us, we remember. And I'm hoping we remember the names of all those people who voted yes on the 23 cent per gallon gas tax.

Here's a list of how our senators voted and how our Assembly members voted on Friday.

Like Robert De Niro said in “Goodfellas:”

"You might know who we are, but we know who you are. Understand?"

And now that we know, and we'll remember in November!

These are the people who decided that they can put this on our backs. The average commute in New Jersey is 30 minutes and it just got significantly more expensive. What also sucks about this is that those who came up with it and passed it don't have to pay a cent for gas, or a car for that matter.

I think the time to make them pay is in November, or when their term runs out. Please post this story with these names on your refrigerator so that next election you'll know who not to vote for. I would say use it as a constant reminder, but you'll get that every time you pull up to the pump!

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