I was on the road when I got a call from my 11 year old son Albert, who has Eli Manning posters all over his room and Eli jerseys in every color, telling me in tears that the Giants had benched his hero.

As if there wasn't another layer of bedrock the sinking Giants couldn't penetrate, in fact if they go any lower they may strike oil. Tuesday, they benched quarterback Eli Manning, stopping his consecutive starting streak at 210 games. They did offer to let him start to keep it alive with the understanding that he wasn't going to finish the games but Eli has too much class for that. If the Giants had any class they'd put him on waivers and let him go to the Jaguars and the playoffs with his old coach Tom Coughlin.

But they don't. Instead they let head coach Ben McAdoo, whose team hasn't scored more than 30 points in his entire tenure, and general manager Jerry Reese, who put an offensive line around him that was so bad it was amazing Eli was able to come back game after game, bench the only guy on the team who gave his all for the cause. He never complained and always brought class to the organization. If this doesn't get these two fired, they may have to drive the Lombardi trophies around the parking lot like George Costanza.

To give you an idea where the coach is coming from, McAdoo actually said "With My game plan Geno Smith gives us the best chance to win." Yes he actually said that. A man who was brought in as a backup after a failed career with the Jets. He believes that. Jerry Reese says, "this is what is best for the organization," like he would know with all the failures he's drafted. You want blame for a 2-9 season blame them, not a two time Super Bowl MVP who always put the team first.

As for owner John Mara who celebrated two Super Bowl victories with Eli, he didn't even have enough class to be there as his quarterback was given the news. Eli said he may talk to him tomorrow. On a day like this, the owner should be front and center, but like he said after the Rams game "I think this speaks for itself." You can't spell embarrassment without MARA.

At 2-9 if you want to look at other quarterbacks, you do it if they get run out in a game after halftime, but you start the guy that gives you the best chance to win and stay with him for as long as you're in the game. You don't humiliate the one guy who's showed up game after game, giving it all he's got with no help behind a line that could get him killed.

But that's what the Giants did today and they should be ashamed of themselves.

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