Several students have been suspended over a profanity laced, gang sign flashing, rap video produced at the school. This caused as many as 200 students to walk out in protest. This could be the best thing that could have happened for those who made the video!

First off, the students are exercising their imagination and creativity based on what they see in their world in things like movies, music, TV, video games, and real life. If they really lived like they do in the video, it would be a bad idea to confess that digitally. The fact that so many students are protesting, which brought in media attention, not only helps with the views but also gives those who made the video instant street cred. "It's the video so bad it got the artists suspended and caused a protest" You couldn't buy that kind of publicity starting out!

Perhaps in the future, the school could institute a policy where they grant permission to use the school for videos, perhaps teachers could get involved in the creativity process but if it was the schools intention to teach these kids a lesson with these suspensions, they may have taught them more than they anticipated about marketing.

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