What started as a joke turned into a meal when Julia Scotti came on my show to promote her new CD "Hello Boys...I'm Back!"

For weeks we've been trying to work out our schedules and finally when we agreed on this date, I jokingly said "I'll bring broccoli rabe." Julia and I bond over food since when we both grew up eating at the old Yankee Tower Diner in Fairview. When we first met five years ago, she gave me the recipe for their meatloaf.

As the date got closer, I reminded Julia about the broccoli rabe and she e-mailed me back asking, "with hot sausage over angel hair with garlic and oil? Asking for a friend."

Now what do you do when Julia Scotti asks for broccoli rabe with hot sausage over angel hair pasta with garlic and oil? You make broccoli rabe with hot sausage over angel hair with garlic and oil. It was very easy to do and if i do say so myself, I make a great broccoli rabe.

The secret is to cut the stems off and just go wit the florets which cook so tender in the combination of olive oil, fresh garlic and chicken broth. I also use dill weed to cut the bitterness and throw in some garlic salt and basil leaves.

The sausage I cooked separately and then added it later.

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