Is there something fugazy about Trenton being named one of America’s 10 best cities for singles?

I call shenanigans.

The headline should have read: "Trenton - One of America's 10 Best Cities for Singles With a Death Wish!

This is according to the folks over at Kipplinger.

They've compiled a list of the ten best cities for singles, considering more than just their relationship status.

The list also includes cities that boast household income levels above $49,536.

(News to me, since I didn't know that the average household income in Trenton rose above that!)

Among the additional circumstances factored in was standard of living costs within each city and the number of unwed households.
(Note, it does NOT say "number of households with unwed mothers"...just number of unwed households!)

The list then goes on to consider the cost of a ‘date night tab’ for a standard dinner and a movie.

(Let's see: Now that Lorenzo's is gone, how much would that tab be?)

Believe it or not, Trenton and New York City were numbers 7 and 8 on the list, respectively.

But this is all against the backdrop of the safety issue…because now state troopers will be backing up the depleted police force there.

The Governor said yesterday that the city’s police force has already begun receiving additional manpower assistance from the New Jersey State Police.

Trenton’s crime rate is already legendary, and has only risen in the months since Mayor Tony Mack laid off 105 police officers in September 2011.

So again, "singles" would have to have an attraction for "living on the edge" should Trenton be in your sites to settle down...however short a stay it may be.

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