The Trentoon City Council has passed a "no confidence" vote against Mayor Tony Mack and urged him to voluntarily step down.

Tony Mack at the FBI's Hamilton office (WNBC TV)

By a 4-3 vote, a sharply divided Council passed the non-binding resolution according to the Times of Trenton. Keith Hamilton, President of Majority for a Better Trenton, the group that brought the resolution before the Council, told the Times,  “I will admit although there wasn’t a 7-0 vote, it’s certainly clear the majority of council lacks confidence in the mayor’s ability to run the city,” Hamilton said.

Those who voted against the resolution, however, see it as frivolous and distracting from other problems faced by the city.

“I was elected to do the business of the city,” said member Kathy McBride, who voted against the resoluton. “I’ve got parents coming in here crying about learning centers. I have a blood war out in the streets of Trenton. I have 100 kids that haven’t been into kindergarten as of this date and you sit here and ask me to do a vote of no confidence. I’m saying to all of you, you need to do the job you were appointed to do. The job of the city.”

“Bringing this nonsense up here, I don’t have the time for this nonsense,” McBride said. “I want to do the work of the residents.”

The Council also voted 5-2 to cut Mack's pay retroactive to July from $126,400 to $60,000.
Mack faces a number of charges related to  accepting bribes in a parking garage development deal set up by FBI informants to try to snare corruption.