A Trenton family is trying to raise money to pay medical bills for their bulldogs following an attack by two pit bulls.

Kian Sullivan tells New Jersey 101.5  the pit bulls came through a hole in a fence between her home and her neighbor's home in the Chambersburg section of town, and attacked her dogs - Huggy Bear and Lucy - as they were in the backyard.

One of Sullivan's four children looked out the window and saw the pit bulls from next door attacking her bulldogs. Her boyfriend, Chad Fisher ran outside barefot to break up with fight using snow shovels. One of the pitbulls had Lucy pinned up against the house, according to Sullivan. Lucy managed to escape, said Sullivan, but Huggy Bear got dragged next door where "they were trying to kill her." Sullivan said police responded with their guns drawn.

"My kids are terrified," said Sullivan, who recently moved to Trenton from Virginia. "My kids grew up on 10 acres of land in Virginia. "This is a whole new world to them and since we moved to New Jersey they have heard things and seen things they really don't need to be seeing. It's a nightmare."

She said her children are  home schooled and always with her.

Both bulldogs were treated at an animal hospital in Bucks County, Pa. for injuries they  sustained included multiple puncture wounds, lacerations, and a significant loss of blood that was going to require two-to-three day hospital stays, multiple surgeries, and 24-hour care. Huggy Bear died on Sunday.

Between the move and some personal issues the incident capped off what's been a rough year for Sullivan. Lucy and Huggy Bear have been instrumental in getting her and the kids through it. "Their faces are so squishy..it's like having a 3-year-old for the rest of your life. They are very 'people like' and very docile and sweet."

Sullivan and Fisher have created a Go Fund Me page to raise money in order to pay off Lucy and Huggy Bear's medical bills.

Trenton Animal Control has the possession of the two pit bulls and are investigating the incident. The name of the owners of the pitbull has not been released.