Trees factored into a lot of the recent storm damage. Downed or damaged trees took down power lines and damaged homes and buildings.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images

But a tree expert says just dismissing their beauty and value by removing them would be throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

A big storm such as Sandy or last week's Nor'easter can tear the biggest and oldest tree right out by the roots, and sadly, we have seen this happen in many places in New Jersey recently. But before you decide to just get rid of it, know that the tree can also enhance the value of your overall property.

Landscape Economist John Harris says trees provide shade and enhance the beauty of a property. They can also protect a home from damaging wind in a storm. He says maintaining a healthy tree should involve monitoring by a tree professional. Harris says the Arborist can do pruning and fertilization, both practices that can help improve the growth. And he says there are treatments for many of the diseases and insect pests.

They can also seek out limbs that are weak or hanging within 10 feet of a building and remove them. An expert Arborist will also identify a diseased or at-risk tree that may need removal before it becomes a major problem.

Harris also says some property insurance policies also provide coverage for trees or their replacement, so residents should consider their trees as part of their property, just like the roofs or siding on their house.