The family of a New Jersey teenager who tweeted about her fake abduction won't be billed for the cost of the police search.

Kara Alongi (R) (Facebook)

Kara Alongi gained hundreds of followers after asking people on Twitter to call 911 on Sept 30. However, the evidence pointed toward the 16-year-old being a runaway.Clark Mayor Sal Bonaccorso tells the Star-Ledger the cost of the search wasn't exorbitant.

"We're not going to sit there and pass the costs along," he told the Star-Ledger yesterday. "Obviously this young lady had some things going on, however you want to say it. We're just happy she was returned to her family and we hope she makes some better choices in the future."

Alongi had taken a cab to a train station and turned up two days later after she called 911 from a New Jersey Turnpike rest stop in Penns Grove, saying she was ready to head home.

Police have not said where she had gone.

Meanwhile, a Kara Alongi imposted surfaced on Twitter in recent days, tweeting about homework and asking the hundreds of immature people" who want her to " umm go away" to "go away."

The "real" Kara Alongi has closed her Twitter account.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.