Obviously you already follow our Instagram @NJ1015 for gems like this:


and, uh, this:

So where should you go for more pictures of the Garden State? Answer: no further. We've found some awesome accounts whose purposes are to show off New Jersey!

First: New Jersey Isn't Boring

I'm not sure why anyone would think that Jersey is boring, but this account does a great job of proving that person wrong. It shows off all that we have to offer, from our boardwalks to our glorious pork roll, egg & cheeses.

Second: Insta_Jersey

Insta_Jersey celebrates the beautiful landscapes of New Jersey, both in the summer and winter.



Finally: New Jersey Is Beautiful

You know those people who think that Jersey only looks like that one part of the Turnpike? They need to take a look at the photos posted here. We're not called "the Garden State" because of the highways ...

Bonus: LCH Photo:

Our own digital editor, Louis C. Hochman, is a photographer on the side — and spends plenty of time getting shots around New Jersey.

Do you have an NJ account that should be on this list? Tag us @NJ1015 on Instagram with your best Jersey posts!

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