Phoenix Feeley is free! The 33 year old New York City woman, who was on a 9-day hunger strike after being jailed for refusing to pay fines she received for baring her breasts on a Spring Lake beach, has been released from a Monmouth County jail according to

Feeley posted a message on the Facebook page.

"Out of jail. After 48 hours of no food or drinkable water and telling the Judge I'd never survive 16 days like that, they began to give me water and consequently I live to tell the tale. The warden let me out early. I haven't eaten in 9 days since I was put in custody but am going to soon. I want to thank all the support, it brought me through this. I didn't shed a single tear in their cage, and no they couldn't break me. Not even the guards violent threats could stop me and that is because of everyone who loves and believe in me. To the anonymous donator who offered to pay my fines, to the strangers who sent me mail, to my friends who sent their support, to the protestors who set off fire works in front of the jail Saturday (which was my only entertainment), thank you. Nine days naked in a filthy cell in lock down, on a hunger strike, not allowed visitors, mail, phone calls, or anything besides a couple of blankets and a tiny window to the outside world while on 24 hour video surveillance was a new experience that I am happy is over and wouldn't have been able to live thru without your love."

So was this all worth it? Now that the issue has been brought up, how do you feel about the idea of women going topless in public? Would you do it if you could? Remember, people come in all shapes and sizes, even topless. Personally, I think after a while, the novelty would wear off and they would just blend into the scenery. But at the same time, those who looked good would be just as noticed as anyone else who was either attractive or in shape.

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