As the year winds down the annual list from BabyCenter is out again. The list of the most popular baby names. Keep in mind this is not an official government list, but rather a list of hundreds of thousands of babies born to families who registered on the BabyCenter website.

You can see a more extensive list here.

Some changes this year. Madelyn has risen up to no. 10, bumping Chloe off the top 10 list. On the top 10 boys' names list, Caden and Logan have replaced Jayden and Jack. Noah always seems to be on here. I hate the name Noah. If you name your kid Noah I hope your basement floods and you can't find your animals.

Most Popular Girl Names:

  1. Sophia
  2. Emma
  3. Olivia
  4. Ava
  5. Isabella
  6. Mia
  7. Zoe
  8. Lily
  9. Emily
  10. Madelyn

Most Popular Boy Names:

  1. Jackson
  2. Aiden
  3. Liam
  4. Lucas
  5. Noah
  6. Mason
  7. Ethan
  8. Caden
  9. Jacob
  10. Logan