Lunchtime in the cafeteria means much more to kids than just a meal. It’s a special time for socialization with friends while enjoying a nice break from the classroom.  From the minute the school bell rings, many kids are already looking forward to lunch.  Choosing the perfect meal for little ones can be quite the challenge since children are generally known to be picky eaters.  Plus, not only can the right lunch affect their popularity, it can also be the difference between a happy kid or a disappointed one. Take heed parents - we asked kids to tell us the most disgusting and most embarrassing foods to come up with the all-time top 5 worst items for kids' lunchboxes. Check out the list!

Egg Salad (Sandwich)

It's smelly, it’s runny, and it’s down right disgusting to most kids. Packing this yellow mixture of grossness can lead to a lunchtime disaster for a hungry kid. Sure, some kids enjoy the taste but getting past the texture, smell and color is half the battle.


No matter how many times you explain their origin and benefits, the overall look of prunes alone causes dramatic reactions from kids of all ages. So unless your kid loves prunes, (which is pretty unlikely) spare them the embarrassment of exposing these yucky-looking wrinkled brown snacks to the class.

Cottage Cheese

Thankfully, many companies have come up with creative flavor additions to relieve some of the "yuckiness" kids experience when eating cottage cheese. However, it still ranks high on the list of no-nos when it comes to packing your kids' lunches for school. While texture plays a big part in the reason they don't even want to try it, its bland flavor is much less pleasing when compared to the widespread of flavorful yogurts on the shelf.


Let's face it - this meaty paste resembles nothing that should ever be consumed by anyone other than a four-legged animal. Solely by the looks of this smelly brown concoction, can you blame kids for cringing at the thought of eating liverwurst? We can't!



If your little one is a broccoli lover, consider yourself lucky! One of the most hated foods among children, broccoli is a top item to probably avoid including in your child's lunchbox. Despite broccoli's nutritional value, many kids hate the smell and taste of it and would prefer to never be seen eating the green snack. Even with a delicious dip, getting kids to eat broccoli is never easy.


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