Bruce Springsteen has been making New Jersey proud since the early 70s. His music has changed almost as often as his album covers and his messages have managed to translate to millions over that time. This list compiles Bruce's top five upbeat songs in his music catalog. I was having a hard time creating this list, so I had an idea. I wanted to leave it up to the Bruce Springsteen diehards to decide.

I went over to Bruce Springsteen's fan website, Backstreets, to ask this very question on the message board. I don't mean to speak for an entire fan base, but I think they came up with a pretty incredible list.

Honorable mention:

From the 1991 album Lucky Town, "Better Days"
From 2010's boxset The Promise, "Ain't Good Enough For You"

5. "Born To Run"

From his historic 1975's historic album of the same name.

4. "Sherry Darling"

From 1980's The River.

3. "Out In The Street"

From 1980's The River.

2. "Ramrod"

From 1980's The River.

1. "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)"

This song ran away with the competition. "Rosie" was released in 1973 on his The Wild, the Innocent, & the E Street Shuffle album.

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