First and foremost, Happy New Year!  I hope 2012 brings health and happiness to you and the people you love.      

Recently, "Time Magazine" published an article with  54 lists of the "top 10's" of 2011.

  There are categories and sub categories listed.  Some of the lists include, best movie, worst movie, animal stories, medical breakthroughs, fashion, video games, and news events.  I found the article intriguing.  I assume "Time's" conclusions were based on pure numbers or fact for some categories, and opinion for others.  Here are a few of the number one's...

The number one person not running for President is New Jersey's own Governor Chris Christie.  A telling comment Christie made this past week is that he isn't ruling out running on a ticket as Vice President.  Another number one is top gadget.  Gee whiz.  Surprise, surprise.  It's Apple's iPad2.  The next and final topic I will mention is 2011's top sports story.  It's the Penn State debacle.  Actually, I find it very sad for a couple of reasons.  Most important, the nature of the alleged incident.  In my opinion a top sports story should be about the World Series, Super Bowl, or something like the NBA lockout.  I've attached a link to the article.  Something for you to sift through during your New Year's holiday.,28757,2066367,00.html?iid=redirect-time100