On Tuesday's show as we all were preparing for the latest nor'easter Bill and I talked about perfect movies to watch on a snow day. Our ground rules were simply a good movie you'd enjoy when stuck at home all day. We specifically said they didn't have to be movies about snow or involving snow because we figured that would be way too hard a list to fill.

Then I began thinking about it on the drive home. It might not be so impossible after all. So if you want an authentic snow movie for a snow day, here's a top 10 list.

1) Snow Day. Wouldn't the ultimate snow day movie be a movie actually called Snow Day? It was a movie from 2000 starring Chevy Chase and Chris Elliot. The plot? Students hijack a plow in order to keep their school closed, of course. Isn't that what everybody does?

2) Fargo. A Coen brothers movie filled with snow and ice and bungling criminals. And let's not forget that wood chipper.

3) Groundhog Day. Bill Murray's terrific movie where he plays a weatherman covering Groundhog Day and gets stuck in the ultimate deja vu.

4) The Day After Tomorrow. This may be required viewing for anyone looking to become a meteorologist. Starring Jack Gyllenhaal it's global warming meets the disaster film genre.

5) Happy Feet. If you have kids and can stand the cuteness, you might want to throw on Happy Feet, the story of a penguin who can't sing but can dance like there's not tomorrow. Oh, that tired old plot?

6) Misery. The snow in Misery is the very reason author Paul Sheldon's car can't be found and why no one can trace his disappearance back to the crazy Annie Wilkes.

7) The Shining. Another movie adapted from a Stephen King book, you might not want to watch this one alone in a large house on a snow day. Does Jack Torrance slowly lose his sanity as the snowbound caretaker of the Overlook hotel, or has he been there all along?

8) Frozen. Another one for the kiddies, this Disney classic made Idina Menzel famous to people who've never been to a Broadway show.

9) Mystery Alaska. Local players in an Alaskan hockey town get the opportunity to play the New York Rangers.

10) Alive. Ethan Hawke stars in this 1993 film about survivors of a plane crash in the Andes mountains having to resort to cannibalism to survive. Got those snow day snacks handy?

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