We'll talk about the fads you'd like to see disappear in 2012, one being heels on women.  Guys, is this something you really want to see go away?  Also, there is a study that says more people lie over text message than in person.  I can see that...somehow people gain confidence over text message and feel they can say whatever they want because they are not face to face with the person to see their expression or feel guilty for lying to their face.

There's also the practice of taking sexy pictures to give to your husband for your wedding.  Have you ever hired a boudoir photographer to shoot you in your lingerie? If not, and you're now older, do you wish that you had some sexy younger pictures of yourself? Do you think your husband would approve of another man taking those pictures of you? And finally, we've talked about this before, but it's been reaffirmed in recent studies (as if we need studies for this one!):  Women will be more likely to sleep with their husbands if they are complimented throughout the relationship and the husband contributes around the house.  Basically, make a woman happy outside the bedroom and you'll both be happy in the bedroom.  Do you have a satisfying balance in your relationship? Call me tonight at 1-800-283-1015!!