It was never a good thing to have one of your parents fight your battles for you – especially if he or she were confronting your tormentor.

So after getting no satisfaction from her daughter’s school regarding alleged bullying, one Toms River mother decided to take matters into her own hands and confront the bullies herself.

But in the end, it didn’t work out well for her.

Which brings up the question, were this you, would you ever confront any kid or kids suspected of bullying your child?

My first reaction is “no!” Never a good thing.

A township woman was sentenced Monday to two years probation for boarding a school bus and striking students who allegedly bullied her daughter, authorities said.

Rebecca Sardoni, 29, pleaded guilty last month to one count of fourth-degree criminal trespass, simple assault and harassment, the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office said in a release. The latter two charges are disorderly persons offenses.

Sardoni was charged on Oct. 19, 2012 after she and her then 51-year-old mother Stephanie Sardoni of Beachwood boarded an East Dover Elementary School bus and asked for a boy they claimed had been harassing her daughter.

Several students on the bus said Rebecca Sardoni then cursed at the boy and slapped him and a boy seated next to him while her mother yelled at the two boys, Toms River Police Chief Michael G. Mastronardy told The Asbury Park Press at the time.

Sardoni told The Associated Press that she regretted boarding the bus, but she denied touching or hitting anyone.

"I was upset. I wasn't crazy woman upset," she said. "I don't put my hands on my own kids. I would have never put my hands on anyone's kid."

"It's crazy that this got blown into me doing something wrong — me and my family — when this is my daughter that is the victim," Sardoni told the AP.

Sardoni said she took matters into her own hands after school officials ignored complaints that her daughter, who is also in fourth-grade, had been verbally and physically bullied by four students. She said her mother merely stood at the front of the bus with the driver.

The boys were treated by nurses from Toms River Regional Schools for cuts to their mouths. One of the boys was taken by his parents to a local hospital for treatment of a neck injury, Mastronardy said.

This has got “cha-CHING!” written all over it!

Following the incident, one of the kids had to be brought to the hospital reporting a neck injury.

Why not just confront the parent?

Sometimes even that doesn’t work out all that well, but it’s better than confronting a kid.

A kid no less!

Yes, perhaps a future criminal; but leave the negotiating for the adults to work out.