Look what happens when you let kids be creative and have some fun! You wind up with an AMAZING video. Check out this really cool video that the 2012 CAP class of TV21 created from Toms River East.It's a lib dub of 3 different songs , including Animal from the Neon Trees, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen and Ocean Avenue from the band Yellowcard.

Dennis was most impressed with their principal 'Ms Qwightarac,' as he wished he had principals as hot as her when he was in school.  Dennis may have stuck around in school a little bit  longer if she was his principal.

Here is the video:

A great job by the entire senior class of Toms River HS East, CAP Class TV 21 and the producers, Ryan Gordon, Kevin Fischer, Krissy Bucchi, Samantha Romano, Daniel Johnson and Olivia Hoppe.