You might want to check with your boss before bringing Fido in, but today is Take Your Dog to Work Day in the US. Pet Sitters, International, the group that started the event in 1999 says only 300 companies were on board for the inaugural day. They don’t have good numbers on how many will participate this year, but the number has grown greatly. There was a piece on it in USA Today this week that focused on how many companies routinely allow pets, especially dogs, in the workplace.

Procter & Gamble as well as Amazon are noted for their pet-friendliness; P&G even offers free dog food (of course it is Iams and Eukanuba, the two brands they own). Amazon has free dog treats and dog-friendly water fountains. The article cites the statistic that only 12% of American workers take their dog to work, but 48% would if they could.