How do you like your pork roll? Personally I like it as "Taylor Ham," but I was wondering on the air why there wasn’t such a thing as a pizza with pork roll on it. This was inspired by the Jersey bracket that put pork roll against pizza. Not only did we find pork roll pizza, we had it delivered to the station. It was delicious!

So I asked what else we could do with pork roll, here are some of the ideas that came in:

  • Loretta likes her pork roll in a Reuben replacing the corned beef.
  • Tom from Somerville fries his up and crumbles it like bacon bits over salad. I guess that will make you feel like you’re eating healthy.
  • Joe from Atco puts his pork roll in a smoker then coats it with brown sugar.
  • Staying with the sweet stuff, Greg grills it then dips it in chocolate. SWEET!

The hour capped off with my sons, Lennon and Albert, calling in to remind me that "nothing beats a Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese.” That’s why I love them, they call it "Taylor Ham!"

Photo credit: Steve Trevelise

My favorite way to have pork roll is the famous Trenton Burger, which I have whenever I go to the Sun Bank Arena (pictured above). This tasty meal is a half pound Angus burger with pork roll and cheese on a fresh roll. It’s so good that tears came to my eyes while I was eating it. Although that could have come from the hot sauce.

What are your favorite pork roll recipes? Comment below!

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