As a loyal member of the Rossi Posse, I'm hoping you can come through for a family in need.

A friend of mine wrote me the following concerning a house fire that consumed everything the Bonamassa family of Tinton Falls owned.

Here's the email that I received regarding the backstory and information on the Bonamassa family.

On the eve of Easter, Maria Bonamassa of Tinton Falls, NJ was doing laundry while her three girls were asleep. The dryer caught fire. She was able to wake the girls and get them out of the house unharmed. Unfortunately, the house was destroyed along with most of their possessions. Maria is a single mom raising her daughters; Marisa 17, Gianna 12 and Carina 8. Carina will be getting her first communion in a couple of weeks, and her communion outfit is ruined, along with most of the family's clothes. The family is staying in a hotel at this time.

Ashley Arbital (daughter of my friend, Seth) who is 16 and is Marissa's best friend decided to take action. She went home and gathered up a bunch of toiletries, and other odds and ends that she knew the family would need. She started calling friend and family to ask for clothes, shoes, sneakers, toys, books linens, towels, etc. In addition, Ashley realized that this family will need money to rebuild their lives.

She started the "Bonamassa Family Fire Recovery Fund" which you can find by clicking the above link.

Ashley is hoping to raise enough funds to make a significant difference in helping this family rebuild their lives.

While the entire story is sad, what makes it sadder is the upcoming Holy Communion of the 8 year old.

I'm sure many of you can appreciate this.

Any help you can give would surely be appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.