No, I'm not talking about Huey Lewis and The News' album, but well, I guess it was a veiled reference at it.

It surely sounds cliche to wonder about where time has gone this year, but it has been an exceptionally rapidly moving year.

The thruway of Thanksgiving into Christmas always moves at warped speed, so it's normal to think about that sentiment at this time of year.  I've sorted through stories on Black Friday and amping up for the Christmas season. 

It really did not hit me until one of my best friends texted me yesterday to wonder about New Year's plans.  That holiday has been the last thing on my mind, but it is not completely ridiculous to start figuring that out.

Before the last chapter of 2011 really zooms by, it is important to relish the types of days like tomorrow.  One thing I am guilty of constantly is planning things ahead that I am really looking forward to, and almost wishing away the days in between.

While that line of thinking ultimately gets me to an event, game, or trip that I am looking forward to, it also leads to the astonished look on my face last night when I thought, "Here comes 2012."

My entire life I have been blessed to be surrounded with an amazing inner circle and support system of friends and family.  They are all people I would give the shirt off my back for.  In complete honesty though, I do not often take an inner inventory on Thanksgiving of things I should be thankful for.

It is not to say at all that I'm not thankful for the things I have in life, but I've just always tried to show those people my thanks on a daily basis.

This year, however, is a bit different.  In the last year, I've gone through the roller coaster of losing a very close family member, while also celebrating the births and growths of nieces and nephews.  These things are bookends to the thing I am most thankful for...the opportunity at this radio station.

This will not be a trip down memory lane of how I "broke" into the radio business.  I'll spare those details.  Radio can be a very very tough business.  It has tested me a lot, but made me stronger every ounce of the way.

This March, I was promoted up here at NJ 101.5 to work as the Morning News Producer.  Knowing I would be waking up every day (err morning, night?) at around 2AM to work for a morning news program I had listened to for years, which much of New Jersey relied on, basically evoked every emotion I possess.

Again, this might sound cliche and tacky, but I am thankful every day that I get to stroll through these hallowed halls of New Jersey Radio.  And I am thankful of the experience to work under extremely talented radio personalities, such as Jim Gearhart, Eric Scott, Joe Cutter, and down the line.

It has been another year with no shortage of excitement, but I hope to slow it down just a little bit to reflect tomorrow on how lucky I am.  And I hope all of you have the same opportunity on Thanksgiving to take inventory of the great things in your life, and enjoy them with the ones you love.

Thanks to the wonderful people I work with, who I have gotten to know this last year.  And thank you to the amazing listeners of our airwaves, and the readers of our website.  It's been a blast bringing you news this year, and look forward to it in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving New Jersey.