I speak for myself and don’t pretend to know what goes through the mind of the Governor.

It’s hard not to look at the cover of this week’s Time magazine and not think that, despite their reportage of the Governor’s lopsided victory this past Tuesday, there seems to be a bias, perhaps not so understated, against the Governor.

To wit the use of the term, “Elephant in the Room” with a silhouette of the Governor in the background in classic Alfred Hitchcock pose.

And it’s not the first time the Governor has been portrayed in a less than flattering image on Time’s cover.

Who could forget the characterization of Christie as “The Boss” looking not like his rock and roll hero Bruce Springsteen, but like the boss of one of the 5 families?

So what’s the purpose of a magazine cover – especially in this day and age where hard copies of magazines are falling out of favor with readers (unless you visit the dentist’s office often)

To sell magazines, no?


And there’s no doubt that the Governor makes great copy, especially after this Tuesday.

But had it been another candidate – perhaps another with the political bent we suspect the main stream media favors – I’d think a more flattering cover would have been found.

I realize that different publications have caricatued political figures with whom they differ in a less than flattering light as well. But you'd figure one with the cache of a Time Magazine would veer away from the obvious 5th grade reference to the Governor's girth.

The Governor knows how to dish it out; so I’d imagine this is just another knock (if even that) that he lets roll off his back. And I’m sure he’ll give it passing notice on his monthly Ask the Governor Show Monday.

But, even if you don’t have a weight problem, do you find the cover insulting or just plain witty?