I'm curious to know why there is so much disdain towards the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow. Unless your favorite football team is playing them, or if the Broncos play in the same division as your favorite team, I don't get why so many people find reasons to disparage the guy.

This is the way I see it. Professional athletes are rarely worthy of being considered a 'hero.' All professional sports have a select number of athletes who are terrible role models and make a mockery of the game they play. Between drug abuse, DUIs and domestic abuse cases, it's almost a surprise when a daily sports update does not have news regarding one of those criminal offenses.

Enter Tim Tebow. A quarterback who, according to most, including some Bronco front office folks, is never going to pan out to be a great player. Yet, this year, he managed to lead his team on a six game winning streak, and ultimately, a spot in the playoffs and a first round win against the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier tonight to close out Wild Card Weekend. Tebow happens to be a strict follower of Christianity. He thanks God for all of his accomplishments, and who hasn't seen the trend spreading around the country called "Tebowing," a term born from Tebow's kneel and prayer on the field. Tebowing became such a highly used term, it was officially accepted as a word in the English language.

Tebow stands by his firm religious beliefs on and off the field, is doing everything he can for his team, and he's a nice guy to boot. So, my question is, if you are one of the many who dislike Tim Tebow, why?