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Ticket Glitch - Nobody in New Jersey has fought harder against the state's red light camera program than Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon (R). He says there's new evidence to prove these cameras have no credibility.

Congratulatory cake for Gov. Christie's daughter who will be attending Notre Dame @govchristie via Instagram)

Awaiting Action - Even though the legislature is on break, intrigue surrounds how Governor Christie will deal with 39 bills still on his desk, the governor has signed 11 and vetoed 13 so far this summer. Among the notable remaining measures include whether to ban smoking at public beaches and parks. Christie has until September 8th to take action.

Fighting Irish - Governor Christie is back on the road today, but this trip has nothing to do with raising money or raising his national profile. The governor and first lady Mary Pat are in South Bend, Indiana to drop their 18-year old daughter Sarah off at the University of Notre Dame. Their son, Andrew, begins his third year at Princeton this fall.

Lambertville Accolades - Lambertville is receiving national recognition. The small Hunterdon County community ranks number 5 on a new list of America's 20 quirkiest towns by Travel & Leisure Magazine. The honor comes on the heels of being named by Forbes as one America's 15 prettiest towns. Some of the criteria included a vibrant main street, coffee bars and an eco-friendly vibe.

The Value of Money - A $100 dollar bill doesn't get you very far in New Jersey, compared to other states.

America's Net Worth - It seems like the same old story: the richer are getting richer while the poor are get poorer. A new report from the census bureau says the median net worth of the riches house holds rose 11% from 2000 to 1011 while the majority of American's net worth declined 7% during that same time period.

The Bully Talk - With the start of a new school year right around the corner, New Jersey moms and dads are being urged to have a heart-to-heart chat with their kids about the different aspects of bullying…

Safe School - Camden introduces beefed-up security measures at its high schools, which includes double the number of security cameras, the implementation of new smart doors and other initiatives. In fact, each school will now have more than 100 security cameras.

Accident Arrest - Meanwhile authorities say police shot a Camden man accused of driving into two people and fleeing the scene. Officials say Edgar Carrasquillo drove his Honda Civic into two people on bicycles. After a pursuit, Carrasquillo was shot by police after he allegedly drove in reverse into a police vehicle and tried to hit officers.

Ferguson Calms Down - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says there's been progress in Ferguson, Missouri, where there have been protests since Michael Brown was shot to death by a white police officer. Thursday night was a third night of relatively peaceful protests, and the governor says he's telling the National Guard to pull out of the St. Louis suburb.

Not a Game - If you still don't think the knockout game is real you should talk to the three men who were punched in the face by the same guy in a 15 minute span in Hackensack this week. Some lawmakers say if this isn't a trend yet we need to get out in front of it before it becomes one...

Peace Fades - Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says Isis militants are capable of bouncing back after losing their footing in Iraq to Iraqi and Kurdish forces. Joint Chiefs Chairman, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, says Isis can be contained, can't be defeated unless it's attacked in Syria. Hagel says U.S. bombing and its supplying of arms to Iraqi and Kurdish forces have "stalled" the militants' momentum.

Tracking Your Bus - If it seems to you like your NJ Transit bus is frequently late arriving at your stop to pick up passengers…well, it turns out you're probably right!..

Paddling for Awareness - A Medford Lakes woman is paddling her canoe from Trenton to Newark to raise attention towards pollution in our waterways




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