Saturday's pleasant temperatures have led to the formation of thunderstorm around New Jersey.

Rain falling on I-78 in Summit (NJ DOT)

Strong storms formed  along the Delaware River moving east at 15 MPH towards Hunterdon, Morris and Somerset counties capable of producing winds of 60 MPH.prompting a Severe Thunderstorm Warning to briefly be issued. Another storm is affecting Middlesex and Monmouth counties with 40 MPH winds, downpours that could cause flooding on roads and poor drainage areas and cloud-to-ground lightning. Move indoors and do not seek shelter under trees.

More storms will likely head east as cells continue to form in central Pennsylvania and Maryland.

ABC Meteorologist Justin Ryan explains that the sun came out late morning around the state driving up temperatures and the humidity increasing the chance for the storms to form.

The storms are part of a cold front headed for New Jersey that will clear out the clouds and bring down the humidity for Tuesday.