The week started off with a blend of light, fun and a bit of seriousness. We discussed the ban on food trucks in Seaside Park, teaching distracted driving, and police officer’s subject to ‘grace’ on ticket quotas.

#FreetheFoodTrucks in Seaside Park

In 2010, the food trucks were banned in Seaside Park. Now, several hundred residents are petitioning for lifting the ban. At the very least, residents and beachgoers want the ability to buy ice cram and soda walking off the beach. I’m using the hashtag, #FreetheFoodTrucks to help support this movement. This is about competition for an incredible demand at the Jersey Shore. We do so many things in New Jersey to push businesses away, you can’t help but read into what likely happened in 2010. Mayor Robert Matthew discusses safety issues. Certain regulations to protect are justified. Food trucks are safe and delicious.

Caller Don experienced $3000 dollars in fines for not moving his truck. Another reason people are not #Digginin. Should the food truck ban be lifted in Seaside Park? Cast your vote below.

Teach Distracted Driving

Statistics show very clearly, 1.4 percent of fatalities are caused by using your cell phone behind the wheel. You have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Part of driving is not only maintaining the speed but understanding the environment. Drivers will drive a certain speed. Why not just raise the speed limits? What’s killing you is not the cell phone! Instead of aggressively teaching people how to stop doing something, we should teach distracted driving. Driving is the ultimate multi tasking. What they aren’t telling you is multitasking is a necessity for everyday driving.

Caller Shirley from Bordentown was pulled over for eating a burrito at Taco Bell today. The officer cited her for careless driving. That’s one expensive burrito!

Watch my rant on distracted driving below.

Ticket Quotas

I had a conversation with Eric Scott this morning on ticket quotas. Traffic moves faster than the speed limit on our major roadways. I remember telling my dad you have to slow down. My dad slowed down to 55 and it was dangerous.  The speed of traffic should be maintained. Yet, is there a ‘grace’ speed limit on New Jersey’s roads?

Eric Scott says that the important take away from this story is that most of the officers in NJ are not out to get you. The number of towns where they'e actually just looking to get you because they have to fill a quota are pretty few and far between. Officers generally are looking to see if you're doing something that is dangerous. Are you doing something that puts either your safety or someone else's safety in jeopardy. If the answer is yes, they are going to pull you over. And they're either going to give you a warning or they're going to give you a ticket."

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