Today's show featured some very special guests talking about the power of addiction and their dedication to helping other beat addiction. Lynn and Daniel Regan joined me to discuss their efforts to help others beat addiction. I also questioned the accountability for those in New Brunswick that allowed a student to be beaten up by a fellow student while other students and a security guard stood idly by. Fresh off last night's primaries, best-selling author Roger Stone joined us to discuss the latest victories by Donald Trump.

Daniel Regan: "Drugs are a second side affect"

Daniel Regan and his mom Lynn from Loud-N-Clear joined us in studio to discuss heroin addiction. Dozens of people called in to share their same sentiment –hope. Callers shared their story on suffering from addiction and loving someone who is or has dealt with addiction. Daniel Regan was in and out of rehab when he found himself homeless in Los Angeles, California.

“The same hotel that Marilyn Monroe was found in, I found Daniel in door 11. There was a man on the couch, another woman in the corner sitting, and Daniel in front of me with a spoon in hand. No way was he going to get on an airplane. He was meth and heroin induced. He pulled up his arms and said mom this is what you are dealing with. Never in a million years did I think this would happen to me. This can happen to anybody,” says Lynn.

“Drugs are a second side affect to what is internally going on with us. It isn’t being addressed. Treatment centers are not addressing the issue,” Daniel says.

A son battling addiction, while a mother tries to find him in an abandoned hotel is a compelling story. Daniel addressed marijuana as a gateway drug for him at the age of 12. Marijuana fueled his addiction with meth and heroin.

Also sharing his discern for Obamacare, preventing people from seeking recovery. Also, mentions how NJ Treatments act as “baby sitters.” Listen to more of the compelling story and how his organization is now helping addicts seek help.

Security Guard Stands by as a fight takes place

Security guards looked on as a freshman from New Brunswick High school was brutally beaten. A video posted of 15 years old Oscar Aparicio, shows him getting beaten by a senior. After receiving broken bones, lost vision, and missing teeth the video demonstrates how this generation is more concerned with getting footage on their phone then they are to jump in and help a person in need. The security guard stands by and watches the beat down. This is out of control. Paid security guards are standing by and not doing anything? Something is inherently wrong with this.

Fern from the parkway shares her take as to why the security officers didn't intervene because there could be a liability issue.  Frequently Fern says that security officers are told to observe and report.

Listen to Fern's complete explanation in the YouTube clip below..

Roger Stone Predicts Trump win in the Garden State

 NY Times best-selling author, Roger Stone believes Trump will sweep the votes in the Garden State, California and Pennsylvania. His opponents scan only hope to tinker away at the smaller states. The opportunity, Stone says, for cheating Trump out of the nomination at a brokered convention grow smaller and smaller. Stone also discusses the five stages of grief that Trump's opposition is currently dealing with. Listen to more of my call with Roger Stone below.

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