We dedicated another morning to discussing how NJ politicians can find ways to increase your taxes. From clearing up any misconception on mandatory recycling and landfills to a reassessment on property taxes in a few NJ towns, this morning was filled with topics that can potentially affect your wallet if you are living in the Garden State.

Stop recycling and send all the trash to the landfill!

Landfills are so safe today that they build playgrounds on them! The idea you can convert this into energy is incredible. I have a yellow waste can and a green waste can that goes into the same truck. Someone is paying for it. It won’t be me moving forward.

We are not running out of landfills. We are misguided that cans, bottles and papers have to be separated.  Now, NJ legislators are actually having a conversation about making you  pay 10 cents more for a can of soda.  The point is people want to be afraid of something and they want someone else to fix it. There are solutions to solve the problems. There is a huge profit for landfills. Listen to my full rant below.


Meredith knows New Jersey Roadways

Yesterday, Bob Williams posted a quiz that questioned your knowledge on New Jersey roadways. In honor of #NationalReadARoadMapDay, over one thousand seven hundred people took the test. Fifty percent of you received a perfect score, and the rest of you flunked out! We would like to congratulate one of the winners’ who sent us a screenshot of her perfect score. Meredith will be going to Stress Factory Comedy Club to see Ron Funches this weekend.

NJ is grossly negligent in NJ municipality reevaluations and reassessments

There are 30 municipalities in NJ that haven't had a reevaluation or reassessment in 25 years.  The state has been grossly negligent for three decades and three towns such as Jersey City, Dunellen and Elizabeth are being ordered to reassesstheir home property values immediately.

There are some people that would be able to sell their house for nearly a million dollars or more but they're valued and assessed in the $200-$300k range.

Everyone should get re-evaluated and let’s cut taxes in half, until the government figures out how they should spend the money wisely. Let’s cut the property tax assessment across the board. They did it in Wisconsin. Why not here in the Garden State?

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