Another morning fueled with a discussion on the NJIT campus student murder after a student attempted to stop a burglary. We also discussed pet stores with the President of the Pet Advisory Board, Mike Bober. Don't forget about your passwords! I have a hard time remembering mine and the crew questioned the way I go about remembering. Today was a contentious morning.

Campus Safety: NJIT Newark Murder

Rutgers Newark student was recently killed, now an NJIT Newark student is murdered less than a month later.  Freehold resident Joseph Micalizzi was shot and killed after attempting to thwart a potential burglary that took place at the TCE fraternity house. How many students need to be killed, in order to begin discussing the imminent danger in and around the areas of schools in Newark? Many questions are going unanswered. Listen to my full conversation with news anchor Patrick Lavery below.

Pet Expert Mike Bober

President of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, Mike Bober joined us to discuss the legislation New Jersey is working on that would ban the sale of puppies and kittens from large scale breeders in an effort to put puppy mills out of business.

Some advice Bober gave on the morning show today is to do your homework when you're thinking of purchasing a pet for your family. Bober says that you will absolutely love your new pet even more when you do your research and find the perfect pet for you. Listen to our full conversation below.

Forgotten Passwords

I was explaining to the crew this morning that I  can’t remember my passwords so I write them down. Probably not the best idea, right? My process is probably fraught with peril. Listen to my full process that I explained to the rest of the morning show team and the listeners this morning on air in the video below.

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