We wrapped up the week with plenty of action on today's show. From political rants to asking whether if you "saw something," would you "say something," we had some intense discussions.

I opened the show with a rant, discussing the firing of Somerset County Prosecutor, Geoffrey Soriano. The timing of the firing is extremely curious, considering that the firing comes right after local politicians spoke out, voicing their displeasure in the Sheridan case.  You can listen to my rant with Eric Scott in the YouTube clip below.

So if you saw a suspicious person or package, would you say something? Would you call local authorities? A North Bergen man who said he was scorned by passengers who alerting authorities to a suspicious package on a bus. I called John Heinlein  a hero for his actions. Listen to my full discussion about it and a caller who was put in a similar situation and how he reacted in the YouTube clip below.


Caller George from Rt. 130 asked me why I always talk about "diggin' in" when the state has so many problems. I said that it is time NJ residents flip the script on our politicians and send THEM packing.


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