The phone rings at the worst possible time.  In my case, without fail, it's usually one of those telemarketing calls.

Getty Images / WPA Pool

I get these calls, that I really think of as intrusive, when I'm doing something important or just sitting down to dinner or dozing off to sleep.

Yes, there is the National Do Not Call Registry that blocks telemarketing/robo calls for 31 days.

You can register for this online at or call 1-888-382-1222.

Here's the problem.  You have to remember to register every month.  Also, political organizations (we will be getting plenty of campaign calls during the presidential race), charities, survey groups, and businesses you deal with are not included on the do not call list.

Here is some promising news that may help.

The Federal Communications Commission has a proposal on the table that would remove any legal barriers for phone companies to block unwanted calls, permanently, for their customers.

You can check with your carrier on how to block landline calls.  Also, you can check the App Store for free call-blocking apps.