Each week we feature two Dennis and Judi cuties and you will determine the winner by casting your vote! Here is this week’s battle between Theodora in Jackson and Tiffany in Hackettstown.    First up is Theodora in Jackson:

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I'm a 31 year-old short-order cook from Jackson. In my spare time I enjoy singing, and spending time with my family.


Next up is Theodora's opponent, Tiffany from Hackettstown:

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Here is some background on Tiffany:

I recently turned 21, and it's as if I have amnesia: I drink infrequently, so when I'm reminded of my adult powers while going out to eat, I feel liberated all over again!

I'm also a complete nerd with science. I do research at a laboratory in Hamilton, and am finishing up a bachelor's with a 3.5 or higher in Biology. Hoping to matriculate into a good PhD program to advance my career options.

I also enjoy hikes, stargazing, writing, baking, singing, and painting. Any art form, really. Friends know that my family comes first, and I am quite proud to be from New Jersey.

Now it's time to cast your vote! You have until Friday 1/25 at 10 a.m. to vote for your favorite!

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