May 17th, 1975 - Elton John's album 'Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy'  is officially a Platinum Record after selling a million copies on its release day. It was the first album in music history able to do so.

May 17th, 2012 - Donna Summer dies of lung cancer which she attributed to inhaling toxic particles released after the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York.

May 18th, 1966 - Bruce Springsteen finishes his first day of recording at “Mr. Music Inc Studio” down in Bricktown. Recording with his band at the time, The Castiles, they cut their first song “That’s What You Get.”

May 18th, 2003 - The Isley Brothers hit No. 1 on the charts with ‘Body Kiss’, having a little help from Lil’ Kim, they haven’t had a No. 1 hit in 30 years. Of course, they are better known for their single “Shout” which can be heard at every single wedding since it’s release.

May 19th, 1963 – Three young girls attempt to use a ladder to climb into the dressing room of The Beatles as they prepare to play a concert with Roy Orbison in Hanley, England. The three girls are arrested right after the Beatles signed autographs for them.

May 19th, 1981 - Sting was named songwriter of the year at the 26th Ivor Novello Awards. The Ivor Awards are respected worldwide as the major platform for recognizing and rewarding Britain’s songwriting and composing talents.