How unique are you feeling today? After Thursday's show when Joe and I were talking about names and popularity, a listener named Brian sent me this cool link. is a site that tells you how many other people in the United States have your exact name, first and last. He tried it because his wife is Italian and he's Irish, and they gave their little boy an Italian first name and with a very Irish last name they wanted to know if he was one of a kind. He was! (For the boy's privacy I'm not giving the name)

So I gave it a whirl. Sure enough, there are only 120 people with the last name Deminski in the U.S.A. There are 958,663 Jeffreys. But there's only one Jeffrey Deminski. Which is probably a good thing for the planet. Same for the less formal Jeff, which I prefer, only one.

Bill Doyle? 49 people with that combination of first and last name. I was surprised there weren't more. The more formal William Doyle jumps to 1,085.

Joseph Votruba, our producer? Only 3.

Here's the link once more if you want to try it for yourself, but I'm warning you, it's addictive.

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