June 15th

1956 - John Lennon and Paul McCartney meet at a church dinner in Liverpool, England where Lennon asks McCartney to join his group The Quarrymen. Was this an act of divine intervention?

1969 - During a short 5 date UK tour Led Zeppelin appeared at The Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England. The flyer for the tour stated: 'Come & take off, levitate with the Led Zeppelin album'.

1986 - U2 and Sting headline a concert at Giants Stadium for Amnesty International. The purpose of the tour was not to raise funds but rather to increase awareness of human rights and of Amnesty's work on its 25th anniversary. Also preforming that night was Bryan Adams and Peter Gabriel.

2010 - A case against a man accused of threatening Elton John's life was withdrawn just hours before his trial was due to begin. Neal Horsley, who posted an online response to Elton's suggestion that 'Jesus Christ was gay', had titled his post "Why Elton John Must Die". The judge said his actions didn't warrant criminal charges or trial.