May 20th

1967 - Aretha Franklin's "Respect" returns to the top of the charts after being dislodged by Martha & the Vandellas. Aretha's signature song is her version of Otis Redding's original which tells a much different story. Areatha's version quickly becomes more popular.

1971 - Peter Cetera of the band Chicago gets into a fight at a Chicago Cubs came. A number of fans objected to his long hair and end up knocking out a few of Peter's teeth. He decided he was better off spending his Saturdays in the park.

1997 -  Traffic chaos begins in Kansas City, Missouri when U2 closes down five lanes on a major highway to film their video for "Last Night On Earth." Along with traffic delays, a Cadillac crashes into a plate glass window trying to avoid one of the cameramen. What's a big deal in Kansas City is every day traffic here in NJ.

2000 - Guess who reunites for a show at a Winnipeg, Manitoba, community center? The Guess Who, that's who. Best known for "American Women" and that song that they make Michael Cera sing in the movie Superbad.