May 19th

1963 - Three young girls attempt to use a ladder to climb into the dressing room of The Beatles as they prepare to play a concert with Roy Orbison in Hanley, England.  The three girls are arrested right after the Beatles signs autographs for them.

1973 - Paul Simon releases everyone's favorite song about film, 'Kodachrome' which became a hit in the US. It was banned from airplay in the UK because it has a brand name as the title and throughout the song.

1981 Sting was named songwriter of the year at the 26th Ivor Novello Awards. The Ivor Awards are respected worldwide as the major platform for recognizing and rewarding Britain's songwriting and composing talents.

2003 - Aretha Franklin holds a candlelit vigil and prayer service in Detroit for Luther Vandross, who suffered a stroke in April.

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