April 20th

1968 - Apple Music ran advertisements soliciting tapes from unknown artists, offering financial grants as part of a deal to release records on the Apple label. A young James Taylor was among many that  signed up.

1976 - The Rolling Stones finally release their long-awaited album Black and Blue. Stylistically, Black and Blue embraced funk with "Hot Stuff"; reggae with their cover of "Cherry Oh Baby"; and jazz with "Melody", featuring the talents of Billy Preston.

1981 - John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas was sentenced to jail after pleading guilty to drug possession charges; the sentence was lifted after 30 days. Phillips started touring the US speaking out against drug use. Soon after he would co-write the #1 Beach Boys hit Kokomo which is probably his most famous, non-"mamas and the papas" work.

1999 - Billy Joel performs right here in the great Garden State up at the Meadowlands arena. He swears it will be his last pop concert ever.