October 14th

1957 - Elvis Presley releases, ‘Jailhouse Rock’ which would become his 9th number one single and stay on the Billboard chart for 19 weeks. He is credited with having the first rock n roll video with this song in the film clip from the movie of the same name.

1969 - Police in New Jersey issue a warrant for the arrest of Frank Sinatra in relation to his connections with the Mafia.

1971 - Creedance Clearwater Revival is being sued by Arco Industries, a music publishing company, that claims John Fogerty's 'Travelin' Band' contained substantial material copied from Little Richard's 'Good Golly, Miss Molly' The suit is short lived and is eventually dropped.

2004 - Eric Clapton is suspended from driving in France after being caught speeding at 134mph in his Porsche 911 Turbo. He is forced to pay a fine of close to $1000.00 and has his UK license confiscated. After paying his fine Clapton posed for photographs with the police and then left the scene in his Porsche with his secretary driving.