September 21st

1974 - Barry White has a  No.1 hit on the singles chart with 'Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby', the singers first and only US solo chart topper. It was released as the first single from White's album, 'Can't Get Enough'.

1986 -A picture of Michael Jackson inside an oxygen chamber is featured in the National Inquirer Magazine. It was part of a story claiming that Jackson had a bizarre plan to live until he was 150 years old.

1998 - Madonna announces that her daughter, Lourdes will be enrolled at an exclusive British private boarding school. The school is known for strict discipline, ranks amongst the top ten schools in England, and charges $22,650 per year.

2011 - The Beatles refused to perform at a concert on August 31st, 1965 because the audience was forced to be segregated. A contract revealing that they refused to perform is sold today for $23,033 at an auction in L.A. In addition to the desegregation clause, the contract guaranteed the band $40,000 and at least 150 police officers to provide security at the show.