September 2nd

1964 - The Beatles play a show at The Convention Hall in Philadelphia. There were race-riots days prior to the concert in Philly and The Beatles, who were strong civil rights supporters, are shocked to see that their audience of 13,000 is completely white.

1972 - Brownsville Station, Canned Heat, The Eagles, and Foghat are just a few of the acts set to play over the next three days at the Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival.  It was held on Bull Island near Griffin, Indiana and over 200,000 fans attended.  Promoters had only planned for 50,000 and many bands withdrew from playing as the event slowly transitioned into anarchy. In the end, three people had drowned in the Wabash River and the stage was burned down on the last day by the remaining few fans.

1984 - U2 played the second of two nights at the Logan Cambell Centre in New Zealand as part of their Unforgettable Fire tour. It was on this tour were they would start to use programmed sequencers during their live sets. It allowed them to translate the complex layered atmospheric textures of the new studio-recorded tracks to live performance. They were at first a bit reluctant to use the new technology, but it stuck and they have used it ever since.

1995 - Michael Jackson instantly hits No.1 on the singles chart with a song written by R. Kelly, 'You Are Not Alone'. It holds a record as being the first song to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.