If you're a theater- goer you will be especially interested on what happened on this day back in 1804. That was the day Vice President Aaron Burr fatally shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel in Weehawken New Jersey. I used to play at the site growing up in Union City. I had not known that Hamilton had actually fired into the air. It was Burr's hatred for the former First Secretary of the Treasury that caused him to fire that fatal shot.

Some background on Hamilton:

  • He fought in the battle of White Plains and the battle of Trenton.
  • He served four years as aide-de-camp to General George Washington.
  • After being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, Alexander Hamilton led a bayonet attack at night capturing Redoubt No. 10 which helped the Continental Army win the battle of Yorktown.

Here's what led up to that fateful day: It was Alexander Hamilton who was instrumental in Thomas Jefferson being chosen as president instead of Aaron Burr. Then in 1804 Hamilton threatened to withdraw from the Federalist Party if it chose Vice President Aaron Burr as its presidential candidate. When Aaron Burr later ran for governor of New York, it was Alexander Hamilton’s influence that led to his defeat. Aaron Burr took offense and challenged Hamilton to a duel, mortally wounding him.

All these years later, there is now huge awareness raised about this famous duel thanks the the Broadway hit “Hamilton.

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