I had a number of people email me after Monday's show when I announced that my wife and I are having another baby and how she fell in love with this Crazy Ring Trick. People wanted to know exactly how it works. Okay, first of all, it doesn't work. I believe in science, and there's just no way a strand of a woman's hair with her ring on it can know how many children she will have and what the gender will be. It just doesn't make sense.

Women however are swearing by this. I say if this seems to work it has to be on the same basis that a Ouija board seems to work; it's you subconsciously determining the outcome. But hey, call me a Jersey skeptic that's fine. If you want to know how it works this video of yet another convinced mom on Facebook explains it.

Meanwhile I say we can just make up anything for a gender predictor. Maybe even Jersey style.

If while pregnant your car hit's a pothole on the left side of your car, it's a girl. On the right is a boy.

If you get an EZ Pass violation notice for travel northbound on the Parkway it's a girl. Southbound EZ Pass violations means it's a boy.

If your out of control property tax bill ends in an even number it's a girl. Odd number means boy.

See? We can make up anything, and it will be right 50% of the time!

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