I recently wrote about the kinds of drivers I don't want to be anywhere near on Jersey roads. One was a student driver. Another was an elderly driver.

Still another was a young guy driving a BMW. Again, nothing against the car. It's a beautiful, well engineered make. It's the young arrogant male who is attracted to such a fine piece of machinery I have a problem with. Far too many times I've seen this beautiful car in the wrong hands.

Here's another example.

A guy with dashcams allows a bus to make a right turn in front of him. This apparently infuriates the guy driving the Beamer behind him. The first chance he gets, or chance he thinks he gets since it doesn't turn out so well, he whips around and tries to pass the guy with the dashcam on the right and ends up crashing on top of a concrete median. This is exactly what this jerk deserves. How many times on Jersey roads do you see some idiot pull a stunt like this and wish it would end this way?

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